Exposure and Occupational Disease

A condition that an employee contracts due to exposure to specific substances, their working
environment, or job requirements. People may be eligible for compensation under state workers’
compensation statutory systems if they suffer occupational ailments.

Typical categories of occupational illnesses include:

  • Skin conditions including dermatitis and others brought on by hazardous exposure.
  • Mental health conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), are more
    common in stressful jobs where employees are exposed to trauma.
  • Respiratory disorders brought on by inhaling chemicals used during work.
  • Cancer was brought on by exposure to the carcinogens that are prevalent in your field.
  • If you work in a situation where there is a high chance of exposure to disease, such as a
    hospital, infectious diseases.
  • Repetitive motions, uncomfortable positions for the body’s ergonomics, and heavy
    workloads can all lead to repetitive strain injuries (RSI).
  • Hearing loss brought on by prolonged exposure to loud noise in sectors like