West Palm Beach, Florida Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

With nearly 100 years of combined experience representing insurance carriers, self-insured employers, staffing firms, PEOs, brokers, TPAs, and public/state agencies in all facets of Florida workers’ compensation litigation, the attorneys at Wyland and Tadros have garnered a reputation for proactivity and aggressiveness in the defense of workers’ compensation claims, as well as respect for the commitment to excellence which is an essential element of their work. With a well-established track record of courtroom success, the knowledge, skill, and training of Wyland and Tadros’ workers’ compensation team enables them to effectively navigate and litigate the full range of issues, both legal and medical, arising out of Florida’s complicated and ever-evolving workers’ compensation system. At Wyland and Tadros, we pride ourselves not only on the academic and legal expertise of our team, but also on our commitment to forging a synergistic bond with our clients founded on collaboration, teamwork, and communication. From Notice of Accident to settlement, our attorneys will work with you personally to assure responsiveness, attention to detail, and efficient management of resources aimed at achieving claim-handling and litigation objectives in a collaborative and courteous fashion. Should a JCC’s ruling be appealed, there is no need to seek outside assistance. Our appellate team, with extensive appellate experience and an established legacy of favorable and even precedent-setting results, will guide your case through all stages of the appellate process.

In addition to legal defense services, our attorneys are always available to conduct educational classes and seminars for clients and professional organizations for purposes of continuing legal education credits or simply to assure knowledge and proficiency on topics and issues of concern such as changes in law, medical innovation, and appellate case law precedent. Whatever your concern or area of interest, we will work to assure your needs are addressed. At Wyland and Tadros, our mission is to deliver swift, effective, and efficient case resolution, quality file management, and client satisfaction.