Probate Lawyer West Palm Beach

Probate Lawyer West Palm BeachLosing a loved one is difficult, even if you had time to prepare for their passing. In Florida, probate matters are handled by a personal representative, who is tasked with making sure the estate’s beneficiaries are identified, and that the decedent’s debts and assets are properly paid or distributed. It’s a big job, and many personal representatives have little or no legal experience, which makes it easy to feel anxious about overseeing such an important process.

At Wyland & Tadros, LLP, our experienced probate lawyers help individuals and families in West Palm Beach and throughout Florida navigate the complexities of the probate process. When you’re grieving a loved one, you need a trusted advisor on your side and in your corner. Our goal is to ease the legal burdens you face, so you can focus on grieving your loss and celebrating the life of your family member or other loved one.

Experienced Florida Probate Lawyers

Florida has one of the most demographically diverse populations in the country. Many people move to Florida to begin a new life, or to enjoy their retirement years. In fact, just one in three Floridians was born in the Sunshine State, making Florida the state with the second-lowest native-born population.

Florida is also home to the largest senior population in the country, with 19.1 percent of residents at or above retirement age, according to Pew Research. In some Florida counties, the 65-and-over population exceeds 50 percent.

These traits make it more likely for a decedent to have significant assets, or assets located in other states. Our probate lawyers devote a significant portion of their practice to high-asset estates, estate tax management strategies, and ancillary administrations. We also assist clients with estates involving overseas assets and real property.

What Our Team Can Do for You

The probate process is often complex. For the uninitiated, the steps and tasks involved can seem tedious and never-ending. Without an experienced lawyer by your side, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Before you know it, the estate administration is pulling you away from work, compromising your time with your family, and occupying most of your free time. We work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Our probate lawyers begin by sitting down with the personal representative and other interested parties and explaining the path your case will take. We work with you at each stage, so there are no surprises, and we will help you with every step, including:

  • Preparing all estate paperwork and court filings
  • Gathering documentation of assets and accounts
  • Valuing assets
  • Identifying beneficiaries
  • Preparing and filing the inventory
  • Notifying creditors
  • Settling final debts and expenses
  • Shutting off utilities and closing accounts
  • Preparing estate tax documents and returns
  • Preparing final state and federal taxes
  • Valuing, selling, and transferring real estate
  • Making distributions of property

In cases involving business assets, our lawyers also help personal representations wind up and dissolve business interests where appropriate. If the decedent had a trust, we also assist trustees and personal representatives with trust administration matters. Our West Palm Beach probate attorneys also regularly handle complex estate litigation cases.

Wyland & Tadros, LLP: Serving West Palm Beach and All of Florida

The Florida probate lawyers at Wyland & Tadros, LLP help individuals and families in West Palm Beach and the surrounding communities with a wide range of probate, estate, and trust administration matters. Our probate team has earned a reputation for providing sound, compassionate guidance to personal representatives in probate cases. Call today to learn how we can help you. You can reach us through our online contact form, or by calling 561-275-2990.