Insurance Claim Appraisals and Arbitration

insuranceAt Wyland & Tadros, LLP, our Florida insurance law attorneys handle cases related to insurance claim appraisals and arbitration throughout the state. Our lawyers have a deep knowledge of insurance law, and we are known as an authority in the areas of insurance disputes and insurance defense. We have helped both policyholders and insurance companies protect their rights in insurance claim appraisals and arbitration cases.

Insurance Claim Appraisals

The majority of insurance policies that cover property loss incorporate an appraisal provision section. In the event of a disagreement regarding the valuation of property covered by the policy, the appraisal provision permits either party to the insurance contract — the insurance company or the policyholder — to ask for an appraisal. Once a party to the contract requests an appraisal, both the policyholder and the insurer have the right to choose a third party appraiser to evaluate the property to determine the extent of the policyholder’s loss. Once the appraisers have set a value for the loss, they present their findings to an umpire, who issues a final decision on the claim.

Although policyholders don’t necessarily need a lawyer to engage in the appraisal process, many insurance disputes arise out of insurance bad faith claims. As a policyholder, it’s important to begin documenting your insurance company’s actions, communications, and decisions as soon as possible. Our lawyers help policyholders identify, gather, and preserve important evidence. We also help our clients ensure that the appraisal process is handled fairly and professionally.

Insurance Arbitration

Although insurance claim appraisals are sometimes confused with arbitration, these two dispute resolution methods are completely separate processes. Furthermore, whereas insurance claim appraisals are frequently reserved for disputes involving property loss, insurance arbitration is used in a variety of insurance coverage disputes, including auto accidents and personal injuries.

Arbitration is generally considered an alternative to litigation, and the overall goal of arbitration is to resolve disputes between insurance companies and their policyholders without the costs and protracted timeframes associated with litigation.

However, arbitration is still a legal proceeding, and it’s important to have experienced legal representation any time you go toe to toe with an opponent in an arbitration case. This is because most insurance policies mandate that arbitration is binding, and there is typically no option to appeal the final decision in your case. Our lawyers have extensive experience handling a variety of insurance disputes. We work hard to make sure our clients’ interests are protected throughout the arbitration process. We also help the clients we serve keep their case moving, so they are not forced to contend with frustrating and costly delays.

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