Construction Defects

constructionFor years, Florida has enjoyed a construction boom in both the residential and commercial building sectors. Favorable tax treatment makes the Sunshine State an attractive place to start a new business, or to expand an existing enterprise. And with beautiful weather year-round, Florida is a popular place to raise a family or enjoy retirement.

Construction is a great thing for our state’s economy, but it doesn’t always unfold smoothly. When construction defect disputes arise, they can put a serious damper on a project and cut into a company’s bottom line. They can also prevent property owners from enjoying their homes.

The lawyers at Wyland & Tadros, LLP represent both property owners and developers involved in construction defect cases throughout Florida. Rather than restricting our practice to one side or the other, we take on cases in which we stand firmly behind our clients and their legal position. We leverage our experience in the insurance industry to help property owners, builders, construction companies, developers, and insurers protect their rights.

We Help Property Owners

Whether you’re building your first home, or you’re putting up a downtown high rise, any construction project involves a lot of moving parts. In some cases, construction defects are discovered early. In other situations, years pass before a property owner sees a problem.

In our construction defect practice, we assist property owners with a wide range of construction defect claims, including:

  • Water intrusion
  • Toxic mold
  • Defective drywall
  • Building code violations
  • Foundation problems
  • Roofing problems

No matter what kind of construction defect issue you are facing, our legal team can help you create a case strategy designed to get exceptional results. With so many parties, regulations, and materials involved in even a relatively straightforward construction project, getting to the bottom of a dispute or a defect can be overwhelming and stressful. We help our clients untangle the complex issues involved in construction defect cases, so they can efficiently and cost-effectively resolve their case and get back to enjoying their property.

Our Work in the Area of Construction Defect Defense

If you are an insurance company, general contractor, or developer, you invariably have a lot riding on a construction project. Perhaps more than any other industry, time is money in the world of construction. When property owners claim that a defect occurred due to project mismanagement, a builder’s negligence, building code violations, or defective construction materials, there is a great deal at stake.

Our lawyers represent developers, insurers, and construction companies in construction defense cases. Generally, the earlier we get involved in a case, the sooner we can get to work helping our clients gather evidence to support their position. Our goal is to minimize liability and manage risks for our clients. At the same time, we ensure our clients’ reputation and good name in the community is protected.

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